About Me

With +10 years of expertise on mobile programming, I have already worked on many kind of projects. I have an extensive knowledge in development of mobile applications using multi-thread, TCP and HTTP protocols and client/server communication. In 2007, I participated of the development of a Java ME framework, including UI, audio and network systems.

In 2008, I worked as a programmer at the Windows Live project (Messenger, Hotmail e SkyDrive), developed for several different mobile devices. In 2010, I worked as a programmer and coordinator in the development of new versions of Windows Live to run on Palm OS and Android. I also participated of the development and porting of several mobile games.

I worked for a company named CRE8 Brasil from 2006 to 2014. There, I had the opportunity to work on many kind of projects. Then, at July 2014, I decided to work as a fulltime freelancer, opening my own company.


Mobile Development

Over 10 years of expertise developing mobile apps and working with many kinds of projects for clients on Brazil, US, Africa and Australia.


I’ve already developed app on the platforms JavaME, Palm, Brew, Android, iOS e Windows Phone.

Custom Layouts

Custom layouts for mobile apps, making your own visual identity. Providing a great user experience.

User Interface

Customisations for the best user experience as possible.

Mobile Payment

I have already developed apps with mobile payment. Integrating the app with credit card integrators like Adyen.


All transactions encrypted, providing security for the user to pay bills directly from the mobile app.

Social Media

Integration with the current main social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and others on demand.


Messaging, Posts, Likes, Tweets, Sharing…


Video editing, recording many sequences of video, organize them by drag and drop and merge for final video.


Take photos, extract from video, apply filters and upload.

Push Notifications

Send push notification for platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone to notify users about events.


Receive messages, update information, get information…



Developed for a company from São Paulo, the solution includes mobile apps for drivers and clients, website and admin interface. The app provides the ability to book a ride, check closest cars on map and pay for the ride directly from the app. Also, the app notifies and client when the driver is arriving.

Autos On Video

Developed for a company from US, AOV allows dealers to make sequences of videos from their cars. Once sequences are taken, the app allows the user to combine the sequences into the final video. The app also extract pictures from video, allowing the user to select the best ones.

The final video and selected photos are uploaded to the server to be used on third-party sites.

Application developed for Android and iOS.


Developed for a company from São Paulo, LuWhere allows users to request friends location and send message.
It was developed to run on Android and iOS.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4oERZcvoak


Development Skills

Objective-C 95%
Java 98%
.Net 93%
User Interface 89%
App Design 92%
iOS 96%
Android 97%
Windows Phone 90%

Get In Touch

E-mail: developer@fabiobergmann.com
Skype: fabiocberg





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